• Mesh-based rendering

    The big one has landed: mesh-based rendering. This is the main reason for the major version bump and it is fully working now. Mesh-based rendering means that instead of drawing lines using the low-level GL class a mesh is generated which Unity can then render the same way it renders any other mesh. This means that grid lines can now be rendered below sprites instead of always on top of them.

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  • Version 3 reaching feature parity with version 2

    Grid Framework version 3.0 is coming along nicely, I have reached feature parity with the previous major release. This means that the heavy refactoring is mostly done and I can now build upon that foundation. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what will change.

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  • Plans for Grid Framework 3.0

    I intend to release a new major update which will address among other things the grid rendering system. It has been almost five years since the release of version 2.0, and Unity has changed quite a lot in this time. Some of those changes, in particular the introduction of sprites, need to be accounted for in Grid Framework.

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  • For those who are having build errors

    I have been informed that some users are getting compiler errors when building a game for release. A fix has been submitted already, but as usual it will take a while for it to get approved. If you are affected by this issue drop me a line, the problem can be resolved withing less than a minute. This will tie you over until the update gets approved.

  • Grid Framework version 2.1.7 released

    Grid frameworks version 2.1.7 has been approved by the Asset Store. This release improves integration of Grid Framework with the Unity Editor's undo system. You can now fully undo and redo any change to any grid or renderer property.

  • Grid Framework version 2.1.6 released

    Grid Framework version 2.1.6 has been approved by the Asset Store. This release fixes compilation issues with the upcoming Unity version 2017.2.

  • Pretty examples

    The presentation of Grid Framework has been a sore spot in my eyes from day one. Primitive shapes are good enough when prototyping, but when you want to sell something you need to have that extra "bang", or else your product will look like something thrown together over a weekend.

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