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  • Grid Framework version 2.1.6 released

    Grid Framework version 2.1.6 has been approved by the Asset Store. This release fixes compilation issues with the upcoming Unity version 2017.2.

  • Grid Framework version 2.1.4 released

    Grid Framework version 2.1.4 has been approved by the Asset Store. This update fixes the algorithm for finding the nearest face in a hex grid, and it changes how images in the documentation are handled.

    In previous releases images were just regular PNG files inside a directory structure …

  • Pretty examples

    The presentation of Grid Framework has been a sore spot in my eyes from day one. Primitive shapes are good enough when prototyping, but when you want to sell something you need to have that extra "bang", or else your product will look like something thrown together over a weekend …

  • Grid Framework version 2.1.1 released

    Grid Framework version 2.1.1 has been approved by the Asset Store. This is a maintenance release which fixes an error about get_dataPath in the latest Unity version.

  • Grid Framework version 2.1.0 released

    Grid Framework version 2.1.0 has been approved by the Asset Store. This release brings new features in making some previously read-only properties also writeable, fixes compiler issues in connection with Playmaker actions and makes the code comply with the Visual Studio compiler.

    The newly writeable properties are computed …

  • Grid Framework version 2.0.1 released

    Version 2.0.1 fixes a bug where the custom inspector of the Cylinder renderer for polar grids would not show up. It would instead display the default inspector generated by Unity, which was still functional, but ugly and would expose things meant for scripting only.

  • Grid Framework version 2.0.0 released

    After almost half a year in the making Grid Framework version 2.0 has been released on the Unity Asset Store. This is the first major release since the initial launch and will make Grid Framework easier to use, more powerful and more flexible with no extra performance overhead. Being …

  • Version 2.0.0 has been submitted

    One of the hardest tasks when creating something is actually shipping it, but it's finally time now, version 2.0 has been submitted to the Asset Store for review. After some last-minute changes here and there, fixing typos and re-adjusting screenshots I think we are good to go. I still …

  • Grid Framework version 1.9.1 released

    We are almost at version 2.0, but version 1.x has not been forgotten. In my previous post I was discussing how version 2.0 will be distributed as one directory, including the documentation. The abuse of the WebPlayerTemplates directory has been a thorn in my side since the …

  • Documentation dilemma solved

    I have finished the build system, which also includes the previously discussed documentation dilemma. The problem was the presence of actual JavaScript files which Unity kept confusing for UnityScript files, because Unity keeps referring to UnityScript as JavaScript.

    The build system

    When you purchase Grid Framework from the Asset Store …