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  • Grid Framework version 1.2.5 released

    This release serves as a preparation for Version 1.3.0, which will add polar grids

    • The methods NearestVertex/Face/BoxW and NearestVertex/Face/BoxG replace FindNearestVertex/Face/Box and GetVertex/Face/BoxCoordinates respectively. This is just a change in name, as the old nomencalture was confusing and makes no …
  • A first look at polar grids

    I've been working on the next type of grid: polar grids. The polar grid is based on polar coordinates, meaning instead of identifying a point's position using X and Y coordinates we use a radius and an angle. The radius tells us how far from the origin the point is …

  • Grid Framework version 1.2.4 released

    Version 1.2.4 has been approved by the Asset Store team. Here are the new features:

    • a caching feature that keeps the activity of the grabage collector low now, instead of re-calculating the end points of lines every frame we can re-use them instead as long as the grid …
  • Seemingly endless grids and performance

    I've been dealing with performance in Grid Framework recently and added a feature that will keep the Garbage Collector from going crazy. Until now rendering always went like this: Manager requests rendering from grid -> grid calculates the end points of each line -> these points get passed to Unity's GL class …

  • Grid Framework version 1.2.3 released

    This update brings you two new features, both were suggested by customers. The first one is the ability to set a separate set of colours for rendering instead of using the same colours as for drawing. Let's say you want a barely visible grid in the game but a clearly …

  • Unity and properties/accessors

    As mentioned in the previous post I'd like to relate my experience with using properties in Unity and how to make them work properly. Properties are a C# feature and not available in UnityScript (another reason to ditch UnityScript). To help demonstrate what I mean I will be using a …

  • Grid Framework version 1.2.2 released

    Update time. Let's go over what's new:

    New example: sliding block puzzle

    Screenshot of sliding puzzle example

    It might not look like much, but this is the most advanced example yet; it's similar to the movement with obstacles example where we use a matrix to store which tiles are allowed and which are forbidden. The …

  • Happy new year

    A happy new year to everyone! This has been quite a year for me, so what better opportunity to recap the birth process and evolution of Grid and set the plans for this year?

    How it all began

    One day I was sitting at my computer, trying to place blocks …

  • How to extend Grid Framework with your own methods

    Let's say you just bought Grid Framework, wrote some game logic and now you want to reuse it. Wouldn't it be great if it was a class method in Grid Framework so you could simply call it with one line of code? Even better, what if you could have one …

  • Hex Grid introduction video

    I made a short video giving you an overview of hex grids, so you can see them right in action. I'll make a video on how to extend Grid Framework with your own methods yourself next,