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  • Pretty examples

    The presentation of Grid Framework has been a sore spot in my eyes from day one. Primitive shapes are good enough when prototyping, but when you want to sell something you need to have that extra "bang", or else your product will look like something thrown together over a weekend …

  • Goodbye MonoDevelop, hello Vim

    One thing that has been getting on my nerves ever since I started working with Unity has been MonoDevelop. While it is a good IDE for the most part it suffered from a number of annoying issues, such as folds randomly opening, poor performance, and auto completion randomly not working …

  • Whitelisting subdirectories in Git

    After having migrated the development of Grid Framework to Git I wanted to set it up to track only certain sub-directories. I turned out that whitelisting is quite tricky, so here is how I did it for people who might run into the same problem.

    We'll use only one .gitignore …

  • Status update and Doxygen rant

    It has been two weeks snce my last update, so I wanted to let you guys know what I am currently at. The good news is that the new coordinate systems have been implemented and are ready to use. Of course there is still the obligatory last check to do …

  • CheckComponent()

    Here is a quick but handy tip. Recently I found myself needing to reference various components in my script without knowing if they exist. I have to get the component and then check if it exists, and if not add it to prevent null exceptions. Here is what you would …

  • Unity and properties/accessors

    As mentioned in the previous post I'd like to relate my experience with using properties in Unity and how to make them work properly. Properties are a C# feature and not available in UnityScript (another reason to ditch UnityScript). To help demonstrate what I mean I will be using a …

  • Happy new year

    A happy new year to everyone! This has been quite a year for me, so what better opportunity to recap the birth process and evolution of Grid and set the plans for this year?

    How it all began

    One day I was sitting at my computer, trying to place blocks …

  • Hex Grid introduction video

    I made a short video giving you an overview of hex grids, so you can see them right in action. I'll make a video on how to extend Grid Framework with your own methods yourself next,

  • How to loop through a list and remove items

    The other day I had the following problem: I had a list of Transfoms and I wanted to remove the entries that met a certain condition. This is what I had written:

    foreach(Transform trns in transformList){

    This gave me the following error message …

  • Back again

    I just wanted to drop a line saying I'm back to work. As I mentioned previously I was busy with exams, so development ws slowed down and during the last couple of weeks I had to stop completely to concentrate on studies. Now that it's over I can get back …