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  • Goodbye MonoDevelop, hello Vim

    One thing that has been getting on my nerves ever since I started working with Unity has been MonoDevelop. While it is a good IDE for the most part it suffered from a number of annoying issues, such as folds randomly opening, poor performance, and auto completion randomly not working …

  • Status update and Doxygen rant

    It has been two weeks snce my last update, so I wanted to let you guys know what I am currently at. The good news is that the new coordinate systems have been implemented and are ready to use. Of course there is still the obligatory last check to do …

  • Happy new year

    A happy new year to everyone! This has been quite a year for me, so what better opportunity to recap the birth process and evolution of Grid and set the plans for this year?

    How it all began

    One day I was sitting at my computer, trying to place blocks …