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Made using Grid Framework

Take a look at what existing customers think of Grid Framework and what they used it for to give you an idea of the different ways to employ Grid Framework.


MYMMO is a Sim City inspired city builder with a twist: you are the designer of an MMO RPG. Grid Framework is an instrumental part of the world building toolset, I was able to get grid snapping and zoning tools working with minimal hassle, love it.

Aaron John-Baptiste, Gravity Apple

Shallow Space

Shallow Space is an 3D RTS, we use the grid framework to add perspective to the scene and it works great!

James Martin, Special Circumstances


Sinkr is a minimalist puzzle game with an ambient sound track that responds to your actions. I use the Grid Framework to layout the levels, do runtime positional snapping, and use the Vectrosity support to overlay the visible grid guides.

Robert Wahler, Wahler Digital

If you want your own game featured on this page drop me a line with a few sentences describing your game and how Grid Framework helped you during development.

General disclaimer: The author of Grid Framework is only associated with the authors of the games displayed on this page through Grid Framework. Games are chosen arbitrarily based on their suitability to demonstrate the diverse applications of use; the inclusion of a game is neither an endorsement, nor is the exclusion of a game a condemnation.