Playmaker samples

The new overhauled Playmaker bindinds will be shipped as a separate package, so this lets me finally implement a great jumping-off point for new users: included samples. The following samples are now included and can be individually added to or removed from your project:

  • Create grid: starting from nothing we create a new game object, add a grid component and a renderer component to it, and finally set some properties. This example walks you through all the steps necessary to create and set up a new grid and make it visible in-game.

  • Convert coordinates: coordinate conversion is the bread and butter of Grid Framework. In this example we have a grid set up and a Vector3 variable which represents a position in grid-space. We convert the value to world-space and use the result to instantiate an object in the scene.

  • Resize grid: actions do not have to be a one-off deal, you can run them every frame. This example uses Playmaker's own float animation action to smoothly transform a floating-point value every frame. We then feed that value back into the radius property of a polar grid to make it grow and shrink in real time, creating a pulsating effect.

Including these samples would have been impossible if I were to ship the Playmaker bindings with the core package. Each example carries a Playmaker FSM (finite state machine) instance, which requires Playmaker classes to be available at compile time. However, by moving Playmaker support to an external package I can now include samples without any issue.

These included examples provide you with working minimal examples. You can see how to set up a FSM and you can experiment right off the bat.