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About the author

Hi, I'm HiPhish and this is my website. I'm a mathematician and a programmer and my motto is I want it to to exist, so I'll make it. The goal is rock-solid software that is reliable and fit for productive use, because I wouldn't want to use anything else myself.

I chose the Workshop motto because I consider programming to be a craft. This site is where I exhibit my work, present my services, and if you follow the links to my repositories you can see the details or how it is made. Programming is a new form of craftsmanship and the computer is our workbench.

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About this website

The Workshop would not be in its current form if it were not for these great tools written by other people.


The Hackable Static Site Generator, my own static site generator which can be fully scripted in Common Lisp. With the extensibility of Lisp it is possible to use a real programming language to mold the generator for any kind of website.


A JavaScript gallery plugin that provides nice looking overlays for images. You can also navigate between images without leaving the gallery.

Solved by Flexbox

Flexbox is a new CSS feature that allows you to lay out content in a flexible way. Instead of hardcoding values position, size or order of elements can be given relative to each over other or the enclosing container. Flexbox makes many previously hard and hacky problems trivial to solve. Solved by Flexbox features a collection of solutions to common problems. In my case I used it for the sticky footer and the blog layout.

All content is written in Neovim and built using SBCL as the Lisp implementation. The website content is version-controlled using Git.

LibreJS - Free JavaScript

The Workshop is build from free (libre) software that respects the user's freedom. The same also applies to the JavaScript employed on this site. I have made sure that the site complies with the LibreJS specifications. You can find a list of scripts employed under about/javascript/.

Source code

The Scheme source code for the workshop is available in a public repo. If anything on the website is not working, please file an issue.


Unless otherwise noted the content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0). In short, the license allows you to use content even for commercial use, as long as you make sure to to give proper credit. Please read the license for detailed information.