• What's coming in 2016

    It's the start of a new year, time to look back and look ahead. 2015 has seen the release of the new website, which was later that same year scrapped completely for a yet another website. I was also able to finally integrate the last of the originally planned grids into Grid Framework.

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  • Korean Asset Store description removed

    I don't know why I even had a Korean Asset Store presentation in the first place, given that I don't speak Korean. I guess Unity must have auto-generated it based on my English description. Since I cannot verify nor maintain the information there I have removed it. So if any Korean customers are wondering what happened, that's the reason.

  • A new blog for Grid Framework

    Update: Feeds are live now, see the navigator. You can even subscribe to just a category such as release for instance by navigating to that category and using the links in the top right-hand corner.

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  • New website

    Over the last few months I have been busy redesigning the website and we are finally live now. Check it out:

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  • Playable examples

    I have added playable builds of the examples to the website, now you can click the title of an example and try the result out in the Web Player. To get back click on the Grid Framework examples label above the player. Just remember that you have to click into the player to get it to accept input.

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