How it works

The heart of Grid Framework are the new grid classes. They are components, so you add them to any of your Game Objects you wish. You can add grids either using the editor or programmatically at runtime and modify its properties.


Grid Framework can convert from world coordinates to grid coordinates and vice- versa with just one line of code. You can let it find the nearest vertex, face or box, scale objects or snap them in place without needing to write any formulae, it's all wrapped up for you.

Infinite Size And Fully 3D

The size of a grid is irrelevant, what really defines a grid is its origin, its type and a few parameters. Using this information we can perform any calculation at any point, without dependence on how far from the origin we are.

Small memory footprint

Grid Framework was designed to keep it simple, to just be there when you need it but never intrude with the workflow. All calculation methods run in constant time and the classes just store a handful of float values.

Rendering & Drawing

You can both draw your grids in the editor using gizmos and render them at runtime. You can turn individual axes on or off, set the colour for each axis individually, change the width of the lines and even use your own shaders if the default shader doesn't suit your needs.

Vectrosity Support

Vectrosity is a popular 3rd party vector line drawing solution for Unity. Instead of rendering lines point by point, Vectrosity can construct a mesh and then render the mesh in one go, making it an ideal solution for complex shapes with many points, such as very dense grids.

Playmaker Support

Grid Framwork also supports the popular Playmaker add-on for visual scripting.

Fits Seamlessly Into Unity

There is no new interface to learn or new editor panel to add to the project (unless you want to use the align panel of course), instead it fits nicely into Unity as if it had always been a part of it.

Full Documentation

Like Unity itself, Grid Frameworks comes with a user manual that explains you the ideas and concepts of Grid Framework, the coordinate systems used and the design principles. The scripting reference has all classes with their member variables and methods covered. Hyperlinks to entries in the documentation as well as links to Unity's own scripting reference let you find anything conveniently.

Free Updates

As Grid Framework improves update will be released adding new features. Once you buy a copy of Grid Framework you will be entitled to all future updates for free, even if the price goes up. This is my way way of thanking everyone who supports me in the early stages :)