Grid Framework

Code grid-based game logic in no time with Grid Framework, a simple and versatile scripting add-on for the Unity3D game engine.

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You don't write your project to fit Grid Framework, Grid Framework fits your project. Use the scripting API in any way you want, for any purpose you want. See the examples to get some ideas.

Ready to go

All you have to do is add a grid component to one of your objects and you can start scripting. The included user manual, API reference and included examples allow you to be productive in no time.


Grids store only the absolute minimum of information necessary: their spacing, their range and information on how to display. This allows you to have infinitely large grids with minimal memory footprint.

What is Grid Framework?

Grid Framework is a powerful and easy to use solution for all your grid based needs. By providing you with new classes all you need to do is apply the grid component of your choice onto a GameObject, set the values to your liking and start writing your game logic without worrying about the underlying math. No matter whether you are making a board game, a strategy game, a puzzle game, an arcade-style game or just any other type of game that needs clockwork-like precision, Grid Framework will help you in setting up your game and writing your game logic in an intuitive way.

The simplest way to describe Grid Framework would be to call it a library. It provides you with new classes and new components complete with custom inspectors, ready to use. It also serves as an editor extension by providing you with an align panel that lets you auto-snap objects right in the editor. You can set the properties of the new grid components in the editor and use them in scripting, same as any other component of Unity.

Why Grid Framework?

Grid Framework was carefully designed with flexibility in mind. No two games are the same, and even if they might appear similar on the outside, their inner workings could be very different. I wanted to write a solutions that doesn't lock you into a specific workflow, instead it gives you the parts needed and you put them in place the way that suits your game best. All Grid Framework does is wrap up the mathematical formulae into simple methods to call, allowing you to focus on the actual game instead.

What Grid Framework is not

It is important to understand that Grid Framework is not a kit that takes away all the coding, you still need to code your game logic. However, unlike a kit that locks you into a specific workflow and only allows you to do what its developer intended, Grid Framework has no limited use and seamlessly fits into your own workflow. Whether you want to rewrite your existing logic or start from scratch does not matter, it fits around your project.

What Is Included?

To help you out there are several examples included to demonstrate how to perform common tasks, such as moving the player on a grid, snapping objects during runtime or assembling levels from plain text files. The code is commented thoroughly and every example comes with a document outlining the ideas and principles employed. You can even try out the examples right here in your browser.

This is a quick overview of the features of Grid Framework, for more details please visit the features page.