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Grid Framework version 1.9.1 released

Category: release

We are almost at version 2.0, but version 1.x has not been forgotten. In my previous post I was discussing how version 2.0 will be distributed as one directory, including the documentation. The abuse of the WebPlayerTemplates directory has been a thorn in my side since the start, and since the problem is solved for version 2.0 I have applied the same fix.

Sadly I was not able to put everything under one directory due to Unity 4: the top-level Editor directory is necessary, otherwise the inspectors will not display. The same goes for examples written in UnityScript. If you don't need the examples you can throw them away, but the Editor directory has to stay.

None of these issues exist in Unity 5, but version 1.x has to support Unity 4 as well, so there is nothing I can do. Grid Framework version 2.0 will be exclusive to Unity 5.