Generating Unity3D project files on GNU/Linux

When I develop Grid Framework I need Unity3D to generate project files for Omnisharp to pick up in order to provide me with tooling like auto-completion, linting and refactoring support. Normally doing so requires me to have VSCode installed, but there is a simple way to trick Unity into generating those files anyway.

We can generate the files by opening Unity's external tools settings (Edit → Preferences → External Tools) and clicking the "Regenerate project files" button. Here is the catch though: this button only appears if your external script editor is VSCode (or some related editor). Unity only checks the name of the binary, so all we need to do is provide another binary with the same name.

Create a shell script named code and save it somewhere. I put mine under ~/.local/bin. It has the following content:

echo 'This is definitely VSCode. Trust me, I am an expert.'

The content does not really matter, the script will not get run anyway. You might have to make it executable, but probably not. Anyway, that's it, now you can switch back to using a proper text editor instead of a web browser pretending to be an editor.