Introducing Guile.vim

Vim has good support for Scheme, but the problem with Scheme is that every implementation adds its own features to the language. My guile.vim plugin aims to improve support for GNU Guile by augmenting these settings. It can attempt to detect when a Scheme file is Guile-specific and it adds syntax highlighting for Guile-specific forms.

Detection works similar to that of Geiser: it scans the source code for a Guile shebang, a use of define-module, or a use of use-modules. If Guile was detected the file type is augmented by appending .guile to it. This part is important because it means that your buffer is both of type scheme and of type guile. All your settings and plugins for Scheme will still work. This dotted file type feature is documented under :help 'filetype' in Vim (note the single quotation marks, this is an option).