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Grid Framework version 2.1.0 released

Category: release

Grid Framework version 2.1.0 has been approved by the Asset Store. This release brings new features in making some previously read-only properties also writeable, fixes compiler issues in connection with Playmaker actions and makes the code comply with the Visual Studio compiler.

The newly writeable properties are computed properties which depend on one stored property. When writing to the property the inverse of reading formula is applied. These properties are:

  • In hexagonal grids Width, Height, Side
  • In polar grids: Radians, Degrees
  • In spherical grids: Polar, PolarDeg, Azimuth, AzimuthDeg

The properties of the hexagonal grid are particularly useful, because half the Height is the radius of the inscribed circle. Previously if you wanted to set the size of a hexagon based on the inner radius in the editor you had to compute the outer one by hand, but now you can just set the Height directly.