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Articles of the blog

  • Rewriting the Workshop

    At this point I could start to make rewriting my website an annual tradition. There have been a number of little details that have been rubbing me the wrong way for almost a year now; the biggest one was the navigation bar on sub-sites like the Grid Framework product site …

  • Feeds are live now

    RSS- and Atom feeds are live now. You can subscribe to an entire blog using the links in the navigator or you can subscribe to a particular category in a blog. For that navigate to the category using either the navigator or by clicking the category button of an article …

  • We are live!

    The Workshop blog is finally up and running, in all its static glory. This makes the site practically complete, at least as complete as a website can ever be anyway. It also works great with my Multiblog plugin.

    I wanted to be able to have more than one blog on …