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  • Introducing REPL.nvim

    Integrating a REPL in Vim has been a difficult issue in the past, but with Nvim's built-in terminal emulator it is just a few commands away. My new REPL.nvim plugin now puts the REPL only one command away, for any programming language you wish. The end goal is to …

  • Introducing info.vim

    There is a new project up at the Workshop: info.vim, a Vim plugin which implements a complete reader and browser for info documents from within Vim. This is similar to the standalone info program or the Emacs info mode.

    Info documents are generally produced by the Texinfo program, which …

  • Neovim has tab-local working directories now

    My Neovim PR to add tab-local working directories has recently been merged. In this post I will explain what it does and why you will love it.

    What are working directories in Vim?

    If you know Vim feel free to skip this section, otherwise read on. Vim is a terminal …