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Introducing NTFS-Clone

Category: ntfs-clone

This is a very useful project I had written quite a while ago at work and recently found collecting dust on my hard drive. It lets you create perfect 1:1 copies of NTFS hard drives on Unix. The problem with every software I had come across was that it would copy the data, but that wasn't enough, so we had to run Windows repair on every single drive.

What makes NTFS-Clone different from these other software is that the resulting drive works out of the box. I achieved this by following the Unix philosophy: there are already command-line tools that do small parts of the job, so if I can take them and glue them together in the right way I can solve the big problem.

The result was rock-stable and since it was run on the command-line we were able to automate the entire process to clone multiple drives in succession instead of having to babysit them all day. So if you are right now wasting your time babysitting hard drives, grab yourself a copy of NTFS-Clone and buy one of those things where you can plug in several drives and automate your work.